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Cinque Terre, Italy

I've gotten quite a few emails lately about Cinque Terre, Italy lately, so I thought I'd put together a feature page on it. Please let me know if you have any other accommodation that I should add to this list. Any details you can provide would be appreciated by your fellow travellers!


Cinque Terre (which translated means "Five Lands") consists of 5 villages built into the rocky cliffs on Italy's coastline. They are beautiful, colorful and a sheer enjoyment. The hills between them house olive and grape groves and grow in my opinion, the best basil in the world.


The five villages that make up Cinque Terre are:

Monterosso-Largest and least quaint with a beach and resort
Vernazza-Probably the most popular for staying in
Manarola-Swim in the cove or enjoy a waterfront meal
Corniglia-The only one of the villages that isn't along the sea
Riomaggiore-Walk the Via del'Amore (Lovers Path) from here to Manarola


VernazzaTo reach them, you have to take the train. On a whole, they are generally car free.
We reached Manarola, where we stayed by travelling via La Spezia. You can take a train to La Spezia then transfer to one that will take you to Cinque Terre, which is about 10 minutes away.



Distance to Cinque Terre (This is just a rough guide, don't quote me on it!)

  • Genoa 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Naples 6 hours
  • Milan 3 hours
  • Rome-4 hours
  • Paris to La Spezia, via Genoa 9 hours
  • Barcelona to La Spezia via Nice and Genoa, 19 hours

You can also take the train to travel from one village to another. They are quick and painless rides. In addition, you can hike between the villages, following the coastal paths. The hikes range from very easy to difficult.

Many people say they find Cinque Terre has turned very touristy, and yes, we did see quite a few tourists. This in no way affected our stay however and we had an amazing time. We did stay in Manarola, which may have less tourists than Vernazza.

From an email from Angelica, a user of this site:
"A comment I would like to add is that not only you can take the train to visit the 5 villages, but you can also take a boat. The boat ride is not only between Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. It also goes to Levanto to the north, and La Spezia to the south. It is not cheap though, but is another option for people like me, who likes boat rides".



Where to Stay

Note: Depending on where you live, you may have to dial "011" or "00" first before these numbers to reach Italy.


La Torretta
Piazza della Chiesa
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 920 327
Where we stayed. 3 star B&B. It's wonderful but the church bell next door drove me crazy ringing all night on the half hour. (Just received an email that the church bells are now silent from 12 midnight to 7am)


Carugiu B&B
Via Cozzani, 42
Phone: 39 0187 920 884

One double room with private bathroom, a second double room to be added in Spring 2004. Run by locals Paolo and Isabella Bordoni, with help from their American daughter-in-law, Christine. Currently closed for the winter, will re-open in mid-March.


Alla Porta Rossa B&B
Via Rollandi 246
Phone: +39 0187 920189
Fax: +39 0187 760621
6 apartments that range in size, sleeping from 2 to 7 people. See the website for pictures of the apartments and online booking.

Da Baranin
Via Rollandi 29
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 920 595
Rooms and apartments.

Albergo Ca' D'Andrean
Via A Discovola 101
Phone: 39 0187 920 040
Fax: 39 0187 920 452
Rooms and apartments.
10 large rooms in a 3 star hotel. Some rooms have terraces, all have private bathrooms.

Casa Capellini
Via E. Cozzani 12
Phone: 39 0187 92 08 23
4 rooms, one apartment with kitchen.

Locanda Marina Piccola
Via Discovolo 202
Phone: 39 0187 920 103
Fax: 39 0187 920 966
10 rooms
To book online: Click here

Ostello 5 Terre Youth Hostel
Via Riccobaldi 21
Phone: 39 0187 920 215
Fax: 39 0187 920 218
6 bed single sex dorm rooms or 4-6 bed family rooms. Shared bathrooms on floor.
No double rooms.


Franca Maria Rooms to Rent
Piazza Marconi N30
Phone: 39 0187 812 002
Fax: 39 0187 812 956
6 rooms, 1 or 2 bedroom.

Martina Callo
Piazza Marconi 26
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 812 365
3 rooms, 2 with view, one large family room.

Trattoria Gianni
Piazza Marconi 5
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 812 228
21 rooms.

Via Gavino 4
Phone: 39 0187 812 224
Rooms with and without private bathrooms.
4 rooms have balconies.


Cinque Terre Holidays
Via Colombo 94
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 920 904
Photos and Online Booking
Doubles and dorms (various sizes from 5-10 beds)

Hotel Villa Argentina
Via A. de Gasperi 170
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 920 213
2 singles, 13 doubles, 3 apartments.

Inn Dalla Compagnia
Cia del Santuario N.32
Phone/Fax: 39 0187 920 860
4 rooms with private bathrooms.


Hotel Villa Steno
Via Roma 109
Phone: 39 0187 817 028
Fax: 39 0187 817354
16 rooms with private bathrooms.

Hotel Pensione Agavi
Phone: 39 0187 817 171
Fax: 39 0187 818 264
8 rooms with private bathrooms.

Hotel La Pineta
Via Padre Semeria, 3
Phone: 39 0187 829 101
Fax: 39 0187 829 101
19 rooms.

Hotel Al Carugio
Via Roma, 100
Phone: 39 0187 817 453

Hotel Souvenir
Via Gioberti, 30
Phone: 39 0187 817 595
12 rooms with private bathrooms.


The Alps of Tuscany: Selected hikes
in the Apuane Alps, the Cinque Terre
and Portofino
Liguria : A Complete Guide to the Riviera,
Including Goenoa, San Remo, Portofino,
Cinqueterre and Portovenere

Rick Steves' Italy 2003

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