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How This Site Began...

Our 7 month trip through Europe

It all began simply-an idea thrown around while working in a hot warehouse. "You know...we should just quit our jobs and go to Europe". He had just got his university degree and me, well, I'm always up for a good trip.

The next thing we knew, on March 11, 2000, my boyfriend and I were boarding a plane heading to Amsterdam.

We had done our homework as much as we could, trying to plan what we could on the internet. What we didn't know was that the decent cheap double rooms are reserved well in advance and chances are should you just show up, the cheap ones that are left are, well, left for a reason. We learned that lesson fast and spent several days booking months ahead for the countries to come.

Other lessons:

  • If you are planning to use your ATM card, make sure your money is in a chequing account and that you have a 4 digit PIN number.

  • Never sit down in a cafe in Italy or France-the minute you sit, the price doubles. Drink your coffee at the bar!
  • Buy a good pack. Don't cheap out - you will pay in many, many other ways.
  • Carry kleenexs on you at all times, bathrooms while you are sight seeing rarely have toilet paper.
  • Pack a light pillow case-you never know how clean the ones on the bed are.
  • If you ask for the student rate, half the time they won't ask for ID. The other half of the time, you left it back at the hostel.
  • Prague is heaven on earth for the budget traveller.
  • Zip lock baggies come in very handy.
  • I know everyone tells you this but god help me, pack light. You won't need it, you don't need it. You can buy it if you do.

Our favorites? Well, we had a great time everywhere but these cities deserve a mention:

San Sebastian, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Cinque Terre, Italy
Rome, Italy
Bergen, Norway
London, England
Brugges, Belgium
Prague, Czech. Republic
Lagos, Portugal

We arrived back home at the end of September to beautiful, sunny B.C. Canada. At first, a clean bed, no language barrier and pouring over our pictures seemed so alluring. Now I am longing for a little Italian gelati and a warm Greecian beach.
Enjoy yourself-it's over way too soon.

































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