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Hostel/Sleep Sheet

How to Make a Sleep Sheet

Many hostels, especially the Hostelling International or Youth Hostelling Association one, will require you to have a sleep sheet. If you do not have one, they will rent one to you which can be a waste of money.

You don't have to go out and spend a lot on one-you can just make your own.

Here's how you put one together:

Step one: Get a queen size sheet and lay it out on the floor.

Step two: Fold it in half.

Step three: Sew up the bottom and half way up of the open side.

Voila, you are done!

Sleep Sheet
Click for a larger view

If you wanted to spend more time on it, you could fold down the top to make a small pouch for your valuables while you sleep. You can also do this to a pillowcase if you are bringing your own.

When you are packing your sleep sheet, fold it in half and roll it up tightly. Pack it at the bottom of your pack. It's also good to roll your clothes, they will pack better and will keep the wrinkles out more than if you folded them.

Roll up your sleepsheet and pack it!










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